Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Happy Astros

I am in tears folks:

The Cardinals lost Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, 5-1, to the Astros on Wednesday, falling two wins short of their second consecutive NL pennant. The game was the last that will ever be played at Busch Stadium. The old ballpark will be replaced by a new one with the same name for next season.

It was an anticlimactic defeat, with Houston taking an early lead and St. Louis never mounting a serious threat against Roy Oswalt or the Astros bullpen. Mark Mulder lasted only 4 2/3 innings, and though he wasn't knocked around, he didn't have his best game, either.

All Cubs fan rejoice in the good news. The Astros may be a divisional opponent but 40 year rivalry v. 100 rivalry. Thats right way to go Astros!! I'm happy for you, you all have earned it, especially those who have been with the organization for many years.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Toss/Fire Tice

Fire Mike Tice Now:

Mike Tice is arguably the worst coach in the NFL which is clearly proven by his win/loss record. He lacks skills, leadership, integrity, and confidence all of which are required to be a successful head coach. Granted (no pun intended), he has sought out mentorship from Bud Grant, but Mr. Grant can not teach leadership and integrity; those are natural born instincts. Towards the end of Dennis Green’s tenure, the ship was turned in the wrong direction. Tice was promoted to "right the ship", and after 4 years has failed to do so. I have never heard of a job in which someone is able to keep their job after not being able to do it right after 4 years!

Parrillo would be spinning in his grave if he were dead. So, he is probably would be just spinning around his girlfriends apartment. Fire Tice Comes with Commentary and even T-shirt sales. Yes, thats right, T-shirt sales. Which means the real point of the web page doesn't really seem like they want to fire Tice, but make money. This web page posts week by week which for many of us fans, is life to life. We, the fans, don't know what is going on in Minnesota, but they better fix it fast.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Last Month

As the title above mentions, the last 4 weeks have been nothing short of good clean fun. The 1st of 4 weeks started off at a wedding in Naperville. My neighbor finally married her long time boyfriend and father of her first child. I've known both of them for a long time and am very happy to finally see them get hitched.
The second week was the party in Champaign with the one and only Nick Cannon although Scotty Small did make it down for the second night, most of the party occured through sobriety. Nick showed me the Campus made famous by Jake Parrillo through his many stories. I ate at the legendary La Bamba's and say exactly where Nick puked on the Illini Orange. Nick, Thank you very much.
After Champaign the next week was Homecoming in Iowa City with my little sister. Iowa v. Illinois, the football game was pretty broke, so i'm glad i did not go. The rest of the weekend was fun though. Too bad the little one couldn't keep up with her brother. I guess if you go out on Saturday in Iowa City, you are only visiting. I was only visiting, she went to sleep, I keep on drinking. Kelly, Thank you very much.
Week 3 was the calm in the storm, but wasn't really that calm. Friday night (in Dubuque for the first time) started off with some beers in the room followed by a band at Busted Lift. From the Lift the party went to Lot 1. Ever since some of the bars in Dubuque either closed down or should be closed are in those conditions, times have been hard trying to find a new a bar, but Lot 1 is probably it. Saturday was my personal favorite. Went to see Waiting. The movie was funny but the company was much better. After the movie, enjoyed some dinner and went to new bar. Thank you.
Homecoming just ended and was alright. It was nice to see some recent grads (From about 2 years ago). We had an Alumni Swim meet in which i did awful then the drinking started. Well to make a long story short, 11:30 was my bed time. If you want, you can guess about what happend. It was an awsome month and i just want to thank everyone.

Lets "Play the Joints"

I figured this blog needed a little controversy:

The Supreme Court, in an abortion case of relatively narrow scope, cleared the way Monday for a Missouri prison inmate to terminate her pregnancy.

The high court made no sweeping rendering on the constitutionality of the Roe v. Wade ruling ensuring a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. Rather, it let stand a lower court ruling that Missouri Department of Corrections must provide transportation for the woman to have the procedure done. It was unclear how soon that would happen.

What do you all think?

World Series Part 1

Guess who is actually kind happy:

Led by their dominant pitching staff, the Sox completed their AL Championship Series conquest with a come-from-behind 6-3 victory Sunday night over the Los Angeles Angels that vaulted them to their fifth World Series appearance.

We all know that I am a Cubs fan. Which is true, I am. I love my Cubbies, but there season is over and baseball must go on. Since the beginning of the playoffs I have been cheering for just one team, Anyone that plays the Cardinals. The Sox winning is great, and great for the city but its good for my dad, which in honesty, is all that matters.

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