Saturday, September 24, 2005

U of I Blogging

This Blogging is coming to you from Nick Cannon's Apartment. Last night was alot of fun we went to the Fire Haus, the highlights consist of Nick's roomate challenging people to drink straight from the pitcher and two girls making out on the floor. We also attend Brothers, Legends, Station 211, and La Bambas. Its soda run time now as the party continues.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Bad things are happening in Minnesota:

The Vikings entered the season hoping to establish a reliable kickoff returner for the first time since David Palmer returned 50 kickoffs for a 23.5-yard average in 1998. But after rotating Mewelde Moore and Troy Williamson so far this season, the Vikings are averaging an NFL-worst 14.6 yards per return.

Oh yeah, that’s the problem. Toss Tice, Please!

World Series Blogging

To get to the World Series, you have to clinch a playoff spot:

Guillen told a columnist for Copley News Service on Wednesday that he might quit and give up his recently signed contract extension if the White Sox win the World Series in 2005. Guillen also went on to add that he feels sick every time the White Sox lose, sometimes to the point of vomiting after defeats.

Um, this might not be the best time to tell you that the Tribe are on your heels. You are currently in position to qualify for the worse collapse in Major League history. But who cares, looks like you’ve already clinched.

Seinfeld in Chicago

Guess Chicago didn’t get enough Money from Springfield:

…[Chicago’s] Office of Emergency Management and Communications is "exploring" the idea of giving traffic enforcement aides the authority to write citations for jaywalking.The program would be enforced during morning and evening rush hours in the central business district, said spokeswoman Monique Bond.That enforcement zone would stretch from Halsted Street to the lake, and from Roosevelt Road to North Avenue. Initially the ticket-writing, by civilian employees who spend most of their time directing traffic, would be focused on crowded intersections, Bond said.Jaywalkers are a constant presence along bustling Michigan Avenue, where pedestrians can be spotted at all hours weaving through traffic like homeward-bound salmon.

WTF, Jaywalking tickets. Walking through the city is one of my personal favorite things. And sometimes, I don’t really want to wait for the light to change. And another thing, civilian employees, can I get a job?

New Prez, Bold Moves

Shake it up here, Add parsley here, and now bake:

Borrowing from legendary Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, new University of Illinois President B. Joseph White told faculty, students and staff Thursday to "make no little plans" when considering the potential of the state's largest university.He encouraged the community to think of "big ideas, stretch ideas, creative ideas," then offered a few of his own during a ceremony to mark his inauguration as the school's 16th president.

"I think there is a risk of the University of Illinois in the years ahead going from being a great university to only a good university, and we cannot permit that to happen," White said before his address at the Urbana-Champaign campus.

Congrats to the Pres. I think he is making some bold decisions, but in these times you need to risk a little once and while to explore other options. The ideas set forth in the article even bring up the notion of an all online university. I am personally not a fan of online education for those in the age group of 18-25 without children. But the online thing allows those who have other obligations the ability to get a degree and do what they want to do.

The Real U of I (Not Iowa)

George is heading to Champaign, Illinois to catch up with some friends for the weekend. This will mark my First Trip to the University and I am very excited. The trip includes a football game and a stop off to join the mug club. Maybe I’ll even stop to see some fraternity composites.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mad as He wants to Be

Another amazing performance from the professor:
Maddux (13-13) gave up four hits and walked none over eight scoreless innings, and was pulled because he had a knot in his lower back. He also had a little blister on his right hand, but that wasn't a big deal. Maddux struck out four to raise his career total to 3,044 Ks.

Here is how I rank the best 5 active pitchers:
1. Clemens
2. Maddux
3. Johnson
4. Pedro
5. Santana
But thats just me. Number 5 was tough, Glavine and Schill are both good pitchers but I think the potential of Santana is too great to pass up.

LP = Scandalous

Lincoln Park is stirring up the political pot:

When two healthy trees in Lincoln Park got in the way of a home builder, developers were allegedly told that city workers would take care of the problem for $5,000, according to court documents.

In a criminal complaint filed Wednesday, prosecutors charged Bruno A. Bertucci, a retired boss in the forestry bureau of the city's Streets and Sanitation Department, with obstruction of justice for his role in the failed scheme.

Bertucci was a member of a political group run by Daniel Katalinic, a retired high-ranking Streets and Sanitation Department official, according to two former department workers. The group was allegedly one of many pro-Mayor Daley political street armies whose members performed campaign work in exchange for city jobs and promotions

According to court records, developers wanted two trees removed to make room for a driveway between 1905 and 1907 N. Burling St., but they could not obtain city permits. They turned to Boyle, who agreed to pay a $5,000 bribe to a person identified in the complaint only as "a former high-ranking [city] employee."That employee contacted Bertucci, who, for half the $5,000, agreed to contact another city forestry bureau worker to cut down the trees, the records show. That city worker took a crew out to the property at 7:42 a.m. on July 21, 2004, to cut down the trees.

How much longer till the top collapses? Part of me feels bad, while part of does not care what happens to these “low level” people. The part that feels bad is that way because some of them are underpaid and just trying to put food on their family’s tables. A quick buck here and quick buck there. The part of me that does not care is that way because they know where a majority of the kick back is going.

Word Blogging

Blogging just became a whole bunch easier for those who use Blogger. This is the first post written and posted straight from Microsoft Word. This will help with the lack of posts.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Back to the Moon!

Things are finally starting to look up:

The United States can return to the moon with human explorers by 2018 at a cost of $104 billion by relying on crew capsules similar to those used in the Apollo program and rocketry inherited from the space shuttle, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said Monday.

"Think of this as Apollo on steroids," the space agency chief said.

(Add sound effect: Applause) Thank you NASA! The money is going to be there and the people are going to watch every step of the way!

IBM still hates me

My computer is back at the help desk. After my hard drive cracked, my video card decided not to work. I could have unscrewed my computer and voided my warantee and fixed the problem but i decided that my warentee was too important.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thanks for the Blog

Since my computer has been given a new hard drive, there has been much spent on finding my old favorite programs. Thanks to the good old "blogosphere" alot of time has been cut down and my addiction to Google like programs.

IBM Hates Me

Just in case you were wondering where I was, My hard drive Cracked. Not crashed, but cracked. I think its time to get a mac.

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