Thursday, June 23, 2005

Daily Cubbies Blogging


The bad news for the Cubs starters continued on Wednesday as Carlos Zambrano endured the shortest outing of his career, going 1 2/3 innings and giving up eight earned runs.

This was a bad performance but it happens. There are 162 games cannot win them all. At least The rest of the team came to play, D-Lee got one hit, and an R.b.i.

Dear America

Could we please get someone to run for public office that could relate to the younger generation?

For Shame

The recent comments of Sen. Richard Durbin(D-IL), who while writing this I found out is not from Chicago, said some bad things. See we have on our hands an un-popular war in some parts of the country and a majority of the world. What we do not need is our government fighting about it. We do not need to give the foreign press any amunition to hurt our country. I'm embarressed for you and your family, Sen. Durbin, but I'd rather vote for Allen Keyes than you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Tim Duncan, the Center for the Spurs had a game to remember.

Espn Writer Scoop Jackson said it best:

[Duncan] came into this game with more than one thing on his mind. And as big as this Game 6 loss was, the Game 5 win was possibly bigger. More got told, more got exposed. The best basketball player alive found himself in the middle, having an out-of-body experience with the game on the line and the ball in his hands.

Missed free throws and missed putbacks – 26 points and 19

The worst part about his playing is that now we have to endure a game7. I never thought in my life I would have to say that. Game 7 Championship games are supposed to be most exciting part of the entire season. How do you have an excite part to season full of dissapointments?


In my home town of Naperville, Il (please don't stalk me) there is this amazing radio station. WONC is the flagship station for North Central College. One of the best functions of the radio station is that streams live on the web.

French Silk Pie

The members of the Petruck house hold are not very big cake eaters, instead we do the whole candle deally in a Bakers Square French Silk Pie. Today was the first time that i have ever sat down at a Bakers Square and to maybe a little suprise, it was delicious. Highly Recomend it.

Daley v. Dad

Is Daley's New Web Page Unconstitutional?

The city has begun posting the names and photographs of alleged "johns" on the Police Department's Web site for all to see, including spouses, children, employers, friends and neighbors, Mayor Richard Daley announced Tuesday.

t least Daley Acknowledges the Internet

Band of Brothers

What an amazing show this Band of Brothers is. The miniseries chronicles the troops of EZ Company and their tour in Europe. With the exception of placing worthless comedian Jimmy Fallon in the 5th episode, the story in my humble opinoin is one of the best.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

NBA Finals Game 6, The Spurs lead the Pistons 3-2. I remember the good old days when the Bulls ran the playoffs and just dominated. These days, i'm not too sure that i care who wins or loses just as long as everyone has fun.

Daily Cubbies Blogging

How about the arm of Ryan Dempster but was he better than Borowski in 2003?

Garbage Strike in Elgin

According the Daily Herald: Eleventh-hour talks between union trash haulers and Waste Management Inc. disintegrated Monday morning, increasing the chance a garbage strike in the Far West suburbs could start as early as today, officials said.

Why didn't the NHL just use Replacement players?

Howard Stern

Just recently I joined the bandwagon and started listening to Howard Stern in the mornings. Unfortunatly, the show is at commercial for a good portion of my comute so i flip around the Chicago radio stations just hoping that i can find something funny. The Chicago Competition consits of
- Mancow Muller, whom i used to listen to and actually still enjoy from time to time

- Eddy and Jobo, these two "shock jocks" should be on at noon. Not only are they not funny but for a bunch of fossils they sure act they are still 19.

-Drex. This is the stupidest of all the shows. Eddy and Jobo were made famous when they pranked called Horace Grant from their Q101 office and were fired the next day. This morning they talked about how its cool to get drunk. One of the callers was 0n her way to a morning breakfast meeting and she admitted that she was stoned. Come on now use some common sense.
My recomendation purchase Sirius Radio and wait for Howard to come on Jan 1st, 2006

Monday, June 20, 2005

Daily Cubbies Blogging

From --Kerry Wood struck out six and gave up two runs in a four-inning rehab start for the Iowa Cubs. Wood threw 69 pitches, 43 for strikes, and said after the game he is physically on track to return to the Cubs after one more Minor League start.

I wish the Cubs would be honest with the fans, Kerry Wood has been healthy for the past couple of years according to the web page and then push comes to shove he is back on the DL.

Rhodes Serious?

Jake Parrillo from Rhodes School had this little tid bit about the new Real World. Come on now Parrillo, i know you just got TV in your apartment but there are better shows(See Post Below).

South Park

Recently i was watching an episode of the show South Park on Comedy Central dealing with Sexual Harrassment Panda. South Park has become a staple of society that is not getting its just deserve.

Is Barak Obama Losing his Luster

How much longer will the Obama Train Keep on Rolling??

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