Monday, October 03, 2005

Go SOX!!! (RED)

This just happens to be perfect timing:

If the White Sox prevail in the best-of-five series, Gov. Romney will send clam chowder from Boston’s Union Oyster House to Illinois. If the Red Sox win, Gov. Blagojevich will send Governor Romney Connie’s pizza and Eli’s Cheesecake. Connie’s Pizza opened in 1963 on Chicago’s South Side and is now served inside the ballpark as a fan favorite. Eli’s Cheesecake debuted in Chicago at local restaurant Eli’s the Place for Steak in the late 1970s and quickly became a beloved and world famous dessert.

I'm going give you the offical Petrock Friends Picks for the Playoffs here:

Houston Astros v. Atlanta Braves
Winner: Braves
San Diego Padres v. St. Louis Cardinals
Winner: Cardinals
Chicago White Sox v. Boston Red Sox
Winner: White Sox
Yankees v. Angles
Winner: Angles

Pension, Suckers!

Seriously folks, can the guv get anymore scandolous:

The Sun-Times found that 21 of 144 investment firms awarded investment cash by the state's five pension funds have given the governor $505,549 in donations through their corporate names, their executives or affiliated companies.

"The implication of this story is reckless and totally false," Pete Giangreco, the governor's campaign spokesman, said in a statement. "The facts actually prove that there is no pattern of giving and no pattern of getting business, not the other way around."

I think the Suntimes, Tribune, Daily Hearld and pretty much anything that is not the NY Times and CBS are usually reliable. I guess my concern is that while George Ryan (no opinon on situation) sits in the court room why the current gov is not in his own trial?

No more Cigs in Chi

The Anti Smoking movement is gainning some serious steam in good old Chicago:

Dozens of supporters of a proposed smoking ban gathered in Federal Plaza today to encourage the City Council's Health Committee to vote in favor of prohibiting smoking in public places, including restaurants and bars.

I do not smoke, in fact, i think smoking is rather obnoxious but that is not the point. There are many people (many being a huge understatement) and are legally permitted to. This little incident is just the average attempt by big government to keep on regulating. The law makes no sense and in theory could be very bad for business. People go to the City of Chicago for an expensive meal from time to time and for spending the money they are spending deserve the ability to enjoy a
legal activity. I just wish government would relax and work on the pension problem.

100 GMail Invites

I've got *77* GMail Invites, First come, First Serve

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Party Harder in Champaign

This weekend was spent in lovely Iowa City, IA. Its only about an hour and half from Dubuque and always worth the trip. Homecoming was the name of the game this weekend and drinking was too. From 6-9 p.m. nothing happend but drinking lots and lots of beer at F.A.C. Friday after class, or FAC, was a great time, too bad my little sister couldn't see straight by the time I arrived. Football is the major focus. FAC is set up that way so people can pass out at 9 and wake up at 5 a.m. and continue drinking.
Iowa City is a good time but they party much harder in Champaign for much longer. There is no "taking it easy" on saturday just because they drank in morning. I just wanna thank my little sister for hosting the celebration and she just needs to learn that drinking doesn't stop just because there is no football game for another week.

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