Thursday, July 14, 2005


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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Any is Good

For the National Hockey League, any news is good news. And i would like to thank the players and owners for coming to an agreement.

Houston We Have a Problem

After a little time off NASA got back into the swing of problems:

NASA technicians are scratching their heads over a fuel tank glitch that forced mission planners to postpone the launch of space shuttle Discovery on Wednesday.

The glitch, which causes a sensor to report the tank as empty rather than full, popped up just two and a half hours before Discovery and its crew of seven were to blast into space. Technicians had observed a similar problem on a different tank in the past but were not able to determine the cause.

Today I talked about how NASA needs to go back to the moon or create some Public Relations event that would draw attentions to the positives of Space Exploration.

Pod Cast Cont....

Well, even podcasts cannot escape the world of endless marketing....

Pod Cast Craz

With the release of the new version of ITunes, Pod Casting has gone crazy. This little device may add fuel to already giant fire:

The Belkin TuneTalk is a microphone attachment that allows iPod owners to record audio their iPod. The TuneTalk comes still this month for $29.99.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

Black Berry?

We need to step up our ability to deter terriorists:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cellular phone service has been shut off in four busy New York commuter tunnels since last week's deadly blasts in London, officials said on Monday.

No specific reason was given for the move but cell phones have been used to trigger bombs in the past.

Cell phone service is disabled in the Holland and Lincoln tunnels that connect Manhattan to New Jersey under the Hudson River, the Midtown Tunnel to the city's Queens borough and the Battery Tunnel to Brooklyn, officials said.

Lets see if this works. Its times like this I'm glad we have a President who doesn't care what the world thinks, but is doing what is necessary to get those terrorists off our land and hopefully off those of our allies in the future.

All Star Update

Something strange has happend in the world of baseball. With the release of the All-star lineups there was one question that went through my head. Who is Batting 6th for the National aka "the Real" League? Aaramis Ramirez, not lead getting Scott Rolen. For both Line ups they are available on

Update from the Derby

Bud Seelig "I am going to rid this sport of Steriods"


We will see Mr. Seelig. If push comes to shove and steriods could ruin your largest marketing machine (Mr. Bonds, I am implying nothing) will you follow through with your promise.

Hopefully these kids won't be stuck with Macs:

A few hundred Arizona high school students can cross books off their fall back-to-school lists. The Vail Unified School District outside Tucson is getting ready to open the doors of the state's first all-wireless, all-laptop high school. There, students will use electronic and online articles as part of more traditional teacher lesson plans.

I goto Loras College in Dubuqe, Iowa and this blog has been written on a computer given to me by the school, i think its an awsome idea and I am very glad to hear this. The country is heading in the right direction in education.

Citizen Journalism

There is this new concept fishing around the pond. It is called Citizen Journalism and it sounds really cool. But hold on. Something just does not sit right. To be fair, i just cannot put my finger on it and hopefully somebody will clearify a few things up until then, who knows.

As i promised, my search for answers on Citizen Journalism has turned up a negative:

Cable shows have been taking calls from individuals at news sites for decades. Talk radio is all about the callers. What's new here are the means the the medium, not the phenomenon.

Still a litte more convincing.......

Ron Money

Is Ron Artest becoming wiser?

Espn reports Artest said he wants to cut down on technical fouls and remain in control to help his team. He called his tendency to draw technicals "playing against your team.

Fighting is not fun to watch in Hockey. It ruins a game which is geared a little more violent then basketball, so what would you think that does to baseketball?

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