Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Toss/Fire Tice

Fire Mike Tice Now:

Mike Tice is arguably the worst coach in the NFL which is clearly proven by his win/loss record. He lacks skills, leadership, integrity, and confidence all of which are required to be a successful head coach. Granted (no pun intended), he has sought out mentorship from Bud Grant, but Mr. Grant can not teach leadership and integrity; those are natural born instincts. Towards the end of Dennis Green’s tenure, the ship was turned in the wrong direction. Tice was promoted to "right the ship", and after 4 years has failed to do so. I have never heard of a job in which someone is able to keep their job after not being able to do it right after 4 years!

Parrillo would be spinning in his grave if he were dead. So, he is probably would be just spinning around his girlfriends apartment. Fire Tice Comes with Commentary and even T-shirt sales. Yes, thats right, T-shirt sales. Which means the real point of the web page doesn't really seem like they want to fire Tice, but make money. This web page posts week by week which for many of us fans, is life to life. We, the fans, don't know what is going on in Minnesota, but they better fix it fast.


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