Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rubber Man

I guess the need for guns goes away every day:

The rubber band you eventually choose to wield will depend on a variety of factors, including how you shoot, where you shoot, wind conditions, hand size, and much more. Try many styles of rubber band in many situations and discover what works for you.

I'm just waiting for them to teach me how to attach something to a paper airplane.

Panda, Seriously, Panda

Some Good News about a Zoo (Finally):

A 13-year-old giant panda gave birth to a cub at San Diego Zoo, but a second baby died in the womb, officials said Wednesday...Zoo officials said the baby weighed in at 4 ounces, the size of a stick of butter.

This is really cool, i guess onward in the article it talkes about how there are only 1,600 Pandas left in the world. Now, we should not put these animals in Lincoln Park. Zoos might not be the best place in the world for animals but it gives some animals a fighting chance at exsitance. Hopefully one day we will be able to re-introduce these animals and bring them off the "list".

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Linking to the Links

I cannot for the life of me play golf, but that does not stop me from trying. Maybe this will help me out:

Ever really feel like hitting a few but don't feel like going to the range? The solution is here in the form of the Garage Door Golf Practice Net from Nick's Net Works ($200).

The price is not too shabby, but still its $200, but that would save me from breaking windows with my nasty slice.

Moderate Maddness

The Right Wing News emailed about 200 "Right of Center" bloggers and asked who there lest favorite people on the "right" were. Here are the Top 5:

5) Michael Savage
4) Pat Robertson
3) Ann Coulter
2) John McCain
1) Pat Buchanan

Who are your 5 least favorite members of the right?

Serbian Bacon

Is Russia Heading back towards the Cold War? Are we seeing the beginnings of a Russian Version of Canadian Bacon? It looks like they are:

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday it will not renew the accreditation of ABC-TV after it broadcast an interview with a notorious Chechen warlord.

the American television channel would be considered "undesirable" for contacts with all Russian state agencies...[after an interwiew] with Shamil Basayev

In the interview conducted by Russian journalist Andrei Babitsky, Basayev, who has a $10 million bounty on his head, said he was plotting more attacks.

I agree with Russia on this on. We have an obligation to protect the families of those victims by bringing certain people to justice. During the interview the warlord acknowledged his involvement in attacks which cost the lives of many people. I sure hope ABC got the ratings they were looking for.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Lisa D2

Here are the D2's for Lisa Madigan:

Funds Available at the close of the reporting period ==> $916,585.73

I wonder what Daddies are??

Blago Reporting

Good luck to all participants in the upcoming Guv Race here in Illinois. Today and tonite are D2 nights (how much money you got for those who read the blog -Parrillo). Blago's numbers are out and I am scared here is the number that scares me the most:

Funds available at the close of the reporting period $14,434,403.87

I just wanna go ahead and wish everyone running goodluck and I hope you gots a lot of money


Now the debate begins about accountability.

According to The False Statements Accountability Act, 18 U.S.C. ยง 1001, it is a felony to issue knowingly and willfully false statements to the United States Congress.

I thought there was something about Lying to Congress.


500 Home Runs + 3,000 Hits = Hall of Fame

Not anymore. The baseball gods are crying today in wake of Rafael Palmerio's positive steriod test.

"When I testified in front of Congress, I know that I was testifying under oath and I told the truth," he said during a telephone conference call Monday. "Today I am telling the truth again that I did not do this intentionally or knowingly."

What is to happen now is in the hands of the Hall Voters. Personally, i would not vote for this person but then again, i have never felt the urge or need for steriods. If Sammy Sosa, Mark MaGwire or Barry Bonds were to test positive it would just confirm something that has already been known. I always liked Palmerio and honestly believe that he did not intentionally took the "roids" but he should never be in the position to get accused.

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