Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rockstar Week Cont.

Tonite's stop on the List is Maggiano's Littly Italy in Oakbrook..

Steaks are all more than a pound, and most pasta dishes weigh in over 25 ounces. Traditional Italian red-checkered tablecloths and old family portraits create the feel of Little Italy.

I cannot wait, too bad it doesn't have any video games.

Don't Quit

Some good advice,

If, like most of us, you don’t have influential family members or friends who can pull some strings for you, you’re still employable. You simply need to take a good, hard look at the experience you gained through classes and extracurricular activities.

Life is hard. When it all boils down to the bottom line, you gotta make the most out of what you have. Don't throw those chances away.

Cubbies Info

So after going to my first roof-top last night courtesy of MS, the cubs were skidding again with a 3 game losing streak. Today was a release,

CHICAGO -- Jeromy Burnitz drove in five runs, including four on his eighth career grand slam, to back Jerome Williams and power the Chicago Cubs to a 10-1 win Tuesday night over the Atlanta Braves.
The win helped the Cubs snap a three-game losing streak, and was their first in six games against the Braves this year.
Burnitz is now six homers shy of 300 in his career, and he doubled his RBI total for the month. He came into the game batting .211 in 18 games in August with one homer and five RBIs.

Besides the no-hitter or the, the, um, you know, that thing when nobody touches a base, you know, the Grand Slam is coolest event in any sport. (Besides the Hail Mary) I've never experienced one in real life, but i could see those fans going crazy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Jim Cramer of CNBC's Mad Money is this authors humble opinion the only way to make the stock market exciting. I know nothing about the stock market but enjoy every minute of the show. Alan Saracevic of the San Fransico Chronicle states it best:

If you haven't seen the show, "Mad Money" on CNBC, Cramer uses his years of experience as a Wall Street insider and hedge fund operator to help viewers pick stocks. The best part of the show, by far, is the final segment, "Lightning Round."

Pacing around the cheesy set of the show and sweating profusely, Cramer takes calls from around the country that invariably begin with the greeting, "Booya, Jim!"

The article also explains the orgins of Jim....

After running a hedge fund on Wall Street for a while, Cramer burst onto the national media scene when he founded in the late '90s.

It was a classic dot-com, rife with new ideas, shaky revenue prospects and conflicts galore. The national business media were horrified that an actual trader was running a site that professed to practice business journalism. The requisite walls were erected between Cramer's businesses and the site, essentially divorcing him from editorial control, but the concern was always right there under the surface. Cramer's personality didn't help anyone feel better about things.

Funny but interesting. The way he puts the people first makes the boring stuff worth while. Thanks Jim!

Black berry + Intel= Good Idea

Big news coming out Toronto,

TORONTO (Reuters) - Intel Corp.'s chief executive, Paul Otellini, declined to comment on Tuesday about speculation that his company would exchange technology with BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. .

"I haven't heard that speculation so I can't address it," he told reporters at a conference for technology developers in San Francisco.

Its kinda cool that these companies have even come up in the same breathe. Its not too long before you have you labtop on your cell phone. Can't Wait.

"RIM has been very public and open in their support for Wi-Fi and initiatives in the Wi-Fi arena and they are going to need chip suppliers. For Intel, RIM would be a customer but a very small customer at this point."

Rockstar Week!!

Welcome to the Offical George Petruck 2005 Illinois Rockstar week. Last night the festivities started with at Wrigly Field as I watched the Cubs fall out of existance. Besides the ballgame it was a fun night, even John Frier showed up. Tonight dinner with the family begins at Dave and Buster's.

You can get lost for hours in this games complex, a high-energy, neon-lit emporium that whips together '50s-era carnival games, Vegas-style casino games, video games, virtual reality and other high-tech bells and whistles into a mind-numbing assault on the senses.

It should be a fun dinner.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Ninetendo finally announced when they will release there new system. France has slipped a page with the European release date and price for Nintendo’s monolithic new game console, the Revolution. The release date is listed as June 15, 2006.

When i grew up the Petruck household rocked the original Ninetndo, then the Super Nintendo, then the Nintendo 64. The only bit of Sega in my life was the Game Gear. I am happy to see that there is still Nintendo alive and Sega went they way of Dreamcast.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Citizen Marketing

Its pretty well known that Jake has not done a good job of convincing me about Citizen Journalism, there is a new concept about Citizen Marketing that i actually like.

40 Year old Virgin

4 out of 4. Hysterical, Perfect timing, and good luck. This movie came out in the right time. This summer needed this movie. Wedding Crashers started the season and it might be safe to say that this closed the season down.

Dukes of Hazard

I'm giving the Dukes of Hazard 3 General Lee's out of a possible 4. The movie gained some serious points on Jessica Simpson in the skimpy clothes but lost major points by having her talk. The movie, to much peoples chagrin was not billed as the next Godfather which was seriously a good point because it wasn't. The movie was casted brilliantly. Knoxville and Stifler were a good team and Reynolds was a great bad guy. The car chases were very well done in New Orleans.
I enjoyed the movie and my cousins were a great addition to the usual movie by loser.


Everyone is gone and so the only way some can communicate with me is through my blog. I will post like crazy this week.

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