Wednesday, November 16, 2005

D Lee Snubbed by

We seriously need to rethink how the MVP voting is done. The only problem with D Lee not winning the MVP is getting third:

Lee, 30, received one first-place vote, one second-place vote, and 30 third-place votes for 263 points in the balloting. St. Louis' Albert Pujols won the award, receiving 18 first-place votes and 14 second-place votes for a total of 378 points. Atlanta's Andruw Jones was second. Pujols, Jones and Lee were the only players named on all ballots.

(emphasise mine)

How can someone be the leagues Most Valuable Player on the same team with the Leagues best pitcher? I guess the only good news is that Jones did not win the award. If you bat under .300 you have no right being in the voting. 51 home runs? According to his batting average, the only time the guy got a hit was a homerun. Without Derek Lee, the cubs might have lost 90 or 95 games this season. Hopefully next season the cubs will field a team that can maybe go .500, but who knows. Well, Congrats for at least recieving one first place vote you earned more but once again your team let you down.

The Cubs' giant-sized first baseman won his first batting title and second Gold Glove this season. He batted .335 with 199 hits, 50 doubles, 46 home runs and 107 RBIs, all career highs. Lee is the first Cub to win the batting title since Bill Buckner did so in 1980, when he hit .324.

Lee set club records for most home runs by a first baseman, topping Hall of Famer Ernie Banks -- who hit 37 in 1962 -- and most RBIs by a first baseman. Banks drove in 106 in 1965 and '69.

With one more extra-base hit, Lee would have ended the season in an exclusive group with 200 hits, 100 extra-base hits, 100 runs scored and 100 RBIs in a single season. Others who have done that include Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mike Whalen

I just spent 5 qualities minutes with Mike Whalen. I learned some interesting views and ideas form a well educated man. A bronze tablet for you Illinis. Some messages that i recieved was his idea about pork reduction. The funny thing is that he is that he is a pork sales man. You can visit his web page anytime.

Crime Rates

On the Chicago Tribune's web site there is a link to which one can find out about some of the crime stats in there area. I inputed my hometown of Naperville and was shocked by the numbers. They actually seem higher than I had thought. Naperville becomes a bubble for those who live there and when certain things pop up they throw everything into chaos. Go ahead, check out your bubble.

Martha v. Donald

Martha Stewart, she gone:

Donald Trump will soon have "The Apprentice" to himself: Martha Stewart's version of the NBC reality series is ending next month.

But NBC insists she wasn't fired.

"The plan from the very beginning was always to produce only one cycle of `The Apprentice: Martha Stewart,"' the network said in a statement, rebutting reports that the show had been canceled.

I recently caught an episode of Martha Stewart's version of the Apprentice and must say, the show seemed doom. Its not that Martha is not an amazing business person, its the perception of the cut throat Donald that people want to see. Martha might be too nice in front of the cameras. Which is not a bad thing in some cases, not this one. The people want to see the dirty side of business, Martha was just too nice.

A-ROD, MVP, Big Poppy Snubbed

The debat has finally been settled. A-Rod edged out David Ortiz for the AL most valuable player:

Alex Rodriguez picked up his second career American League Most Valuable Player Award on Monday, becoming the first Yankees player in 20 years to capture that honor.

Rodriguez hit .321 with 48 home runs and 130 RBIs this season, helping New York to its eighth consecutive AL East title.

I both concur and dissent with this decision. Yankees winning the MVP is always debatable. Yes its true that I do not really like the Yankees, but i am huge Derek Jeter fan. Its hard to give a Yankee the MVP because of the talent that surronds each player is greater than anyother team. But still, Congrats to A-Rod and good luck later on.

Loras Swimming

On Friday the Duhawk Men had their entire team available including yours truely. I won the 100 Fly, but my time was slow and had IIT swam their top dog, it would have been a different story. The Ladies also dominated against both teams Congrats Ladies. on Friday, the team travels to Grinnell for what looks like a major beat down. I am scared, not going to lie. My coach is letting me swim the 200 Fly and the 500 Free. I can't wait to see those times.

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