Thursday, April 19, 2007

More on Springfield

Regardless of the events which transpired in Springfield, the day was very interesting. The Republican leaderships offices are behind the house floor, so i got to take a good look at the redone chamber and i would like to say that it looks very nice. On my way out of what i had to do, I ran into an interesting person. I introduced myself as an intern for Rep. Cross, and just as i had finished he asked me if i knew Jake Parrillo. I had to know more because usually there is another question before the old do you know Jake question. The person who asked me if i knew who he was introduced himself. I then asked him how he knew Jake. To be honest, it was like finding out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. It was the famous/in-famous OneMan. He had taken his daughter down to Springfield for the day. Needless to say I was quite surprised to meet this individual because I am a fan of his posts.

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Trip to Springfield (Final Vist)

Yesterday saw the ending to another chapter of my life. April 18th, 2007 will go down in George Petruck history as my last trip to Springfield along with my presumptive departure from the political arena. For the past three years, i have enjoyed the privilege of interning for the Illinois House Republican Leader and the Illinois House Republican Organization. With graduation coming up on May 13, I need to find a job. If i had it my way, I would continue my work at either of those offices, but that does not seem likely from what I have been hearing. I want to spend the next couple of days posting my thank you, thank yous to all those who have helped me grow as a person both professional and personally.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back to School (Year 5)

Well everyone, I am back in College for 5th year. I got a job as a Resident Assistant (RA) and its pretty boring, but it pays for my living.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sphere of Influence

This Friday is the 3rd Annual Politics v. History Majors softball game. Below is the sphere of influence. The Politics Majors are currently 2-0. Going for the Repeat of Last year!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yeah, This is Pretty Sweet

Does anything else need to be said?? I mean the man rocks, no questions asked

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Republican of the Week

Congrats to Sen. James T Meeks (D-Calumet City)!!

Please, Run for Gov. Although I am cheering for Judy, you may be able to help balance out the $15 million war chest!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day

Here is my list for Division and Wild Card Winners:

NL Central: Cardinals
NL East : Mets
NL West :Padres
NL WC : Braves

AL Central:Tribe
AL East :Yankees
AL West :Athletics
AL WC :White Sox

What do others think??

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Boyd Update

ERIC WEIS        1,013   58.02


As of 8:21

BILL BRADY 133 10.2
JIM OBERWEISe 507 38.88
RON GIDWITZ 140 10.74

Kane County Web Results

As of 8:20 Kane county looks like....

Judy Bar 1028 36.49
Bill Brady 288 10.22
Jim Oberwise 891 31.63
Ron Gidwitz 586 20.8


If Ron Gidwitz wins tonight, I will believe the Cubs can win the World Series!!

Negative Ads

Previously I had talked about negative ads and the effectivness of their message. When i was a first year student Congress Jim Nussle visited with my politics 101 class. I recall him saying that he does not like negative ads but that sometimes more than not, these ads are effective. Brian (missing co-author of the blog) and I discussed why.
We came around to the conclusion that people seem to remember the emotional and hyped media. The overall "water cooler" talk seems to increase name recognition to the point where nobody pays much attention to the ad but the person putting the ad foward. Let's see how Oberwies' numbers end up.

Library rules

Have you ever sat in a library where a person could not turn down the music on their computer. Seriously folks, if you have headphones, use them if not, sorry, no music..

DuPage County

Lets start the run down for today's primary election:

Gida, gida, gida - can i get a vote- witz

My logic is as follows, Topkina and company are too powerful for Oberwise to over come, the race will be tight but not as tight as Obiwerise thinks. Around the state of Illinois people, the people vote differently in different regions for different reasons. Everyone in Chicago votes Democratic because odds are they either have a friend who works for the state, they don't republicans, or they have family member who works for the state, and teh only way they can keep their job is to vote democratic. I live(when I am not at school in Dubuque, IA) in Naperville. Naperville is split into DuPage and Will counties, I live in the Dupage section. The people whom i have talked to do not like Oberwise. In fact, they had become annoyed with his antics. These people range from, very well educated to college degrees/some college and are interested in politics more than average. They know when mail pieces come out for the sole purpose to attack not inform. They see when television spots are not to serve any other purpose than attack(Thats why they do not like Can't Gida Vote as well). Name recognition and issue content are the keys to the Naperville voter. Napervillians want to be engaged in their politics, they also do not like unsure bets. Nobody knows who Can't Gida Vote is and nobody knows where the man is coming from.
Oberwise has so much money that he will not be denied the second place, although if Brady had the money that Oberwise had, Brady and Topinka would be duking it out in a close one. Brady has much support in other areas of the state and for good reason. Topkina is more moderate and in primary situations the voters who turn up are closer to strict party values and ideals. Brady= more conservatice, Topkina= a lot more money and much more name recognition. Most pundits are forgetting the fact this women has won at least one statewide election in her life.
It is going to be a fun night, and hopefully whoever the winner is (please be Topkina so I don't look like an idiot tomorrow) I hope the party accepts the winner and we can work together to bring down the brush.

Best of luck to all candidates in other races, Good luck especially to Boyd.

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