Thursday, April 19, 2007

More on Springfield

Regardless of the events which transpired in Springfield, the day was very interesting. The Republican leaderships offices are behind the house floor, so i got to take a good look at the redone chamber and i would like to say that it looks very nice. On my way out of what i had to do, I ran into an interesting person. I introduced myself as an intern for Rep. Cross, and just as i had finished he asked me if i knew Jake Parrillo. I had to know more because usually there is another question before the old do you know Jake question. The person who asked me if i knew who he was introduced himself. I then asked him how he knew Jake. To be honest, it was like finding out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. It was the famous/in-famous OneMan. He had taken his daughter down to Springfield for the day. Needless to say I was quite surprised to meet this individual because I am a fan of his posts.

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Trip to Springfield (Final Vist)

Yesterday saw the ending to another chapter of my life. April 18th, 2007 will go down in George Petruck history as my last trip to Springfield along with my presumptive departure from the political arena. For the past three years, i have enjoyed the privilege of interning for the Illinois House Republican Leader and the Illinois House Republican Organization. With graduation coming up on May 13, I need to find a job. If i had it my way, I would continue my work at either of those offices, but that does not seem likely from what I have been hearing. I want to spend the next couple of days posting my thank you, thank yous to all those who have helped me grow as a person both professional and personally.

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