Monday, October 03, 2005

Pension, Suckers!

Seriously folks, can the guv get anymore scandolous:

The Sun-Times found that 21 of 144 investment firms awarded investment cash by the state's five pension funds have given the governor $505,549 in donations through their corporate names, their executives or affiliated companies.

"The implication of this story is reckless and totally false," Pete Giangreco, the governor's campaign spokesman, said in a statement. "The facts actually prove that there is no pattern of giving and no pattern of getting business, not the other way around."

I think the Suntimes, Tribune, Daily Hearld and pretty much anything that is not the NY Times and CBS are usually reliable. I guess my concern is that while George Ryan (no opinon on situation) sits in the court room why the current gov is not in his own trial?


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