Friday, September 23, 2005

Seinfeld in Chicago

Guess Chicago didn’t get enough Money from Springfield:

…[Chicago’s] Office of Emergency Management and Communications is "exploring" the idea of giving traffic enforcement aides the authority to write citations for jaywalking.The program would be enforced during morning and evening rush hours in the central business district, said spokeswoman Monique Bond.That enforcement zone would stretch from Halsted Street to the lake, and from Roosevelt Road to North Avenue. Initially the ticket-writing, by civilian employees who spend most of their time directing traffic, would be focused on crowded intersections, Bond said.Jaywalkers are a constant presence along bustling Michigan Avenue, where pedestrians can be spotted at all hours weaving through traffic like homeward-bound salmon.

WTF, Jaywalking tickets. Walking through the city is one of my personal favorite things. And sometimes, I don’t really want to wait for the light to change. And another thing, civilian employees, can I get a job?


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