Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Jim Cramer of CNBC's Mad Money is this authors humble opinion the only way to make the stock market exciting. I know nothing about the stock market but enjoy every minute of the show. Alan Saracevic of the San Fransico Chronicle states it best:

If you haven't seen the show, "Mad Money" on CNBC, Cramer uses his years of experience as a Wall Street insider and hedge fund operator to help viewers pick stocks. The best part of the show, by far, is the final segment, "Lightning Round."

Pacing around the cheesy set of the show and sweating profusely, Cramer takes calls from around the country that invariably begin with the greeting, "Booya, Jim!"

The article also explains the orgins of Jim....

After running a hedge fund on Wall Street for a while, Cramer burst onto the national media scene when he founded TheStreet.com in the late '90s.

It was a classic dot-com, rife with new ideas, shaky revenue prospects and conflicts galore. The national business media were horrified that an actual trader was running a site that professed to practice business journalism. The requisite walls were erected between Cramer's businesses and the site, essentially divorcing him from editorial control, but the concern was always right there under the surface. Cramer's personality didn't help anyone feel better about things.

Funny but interesting. The way he puts the people first makes the boring stuff worth while. Thanks Jim!


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