Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Howard Stern

Just recently I joined the bandwagon and started listening to Howard Stern in the mornings. Unfortunatly, the show is at commercial for a good portion of my comute so i flip around the Chicago radio stations just hoping that i can find something funny. The Chicago Competition consits of
- Mancow Muller, whom i used to listen to and actually still enjoy from time to time

- Eddy and Jobo, these two "shock jocks" should be on at noon. Not only are they not funny but for a bunch of fossils they sure act they are still 19.

-Drex. This is the stupidest of all the shows. Eddy and Jobo were made famous when they pranked called Horace Grant from their Q101 office and were fired the next day. This morning they talked about how its cool to get drunk. One of the callers was 0n her way to a morning breakfast meeting and she admitted that she was stoned. Come on now use some common sense.
My recomendation purchase Sirius Radio and wait for Howard to come on Jan 1st, 2006


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