Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sling Shot

This morning during the Mike and Mike Radio show (I watch on Espn 2) Bill Walton was a guest on the program and pitched this pretty interesting device.

Transforming Windows XP based PCs and laptops into personal on-the-go digital TVs, the Slingbox™ allows individuals anywhere-anytime access to their own living room television experience with no additional monthly service fees. Enabling consumers to watch their cable, satellite, or digital video recorder (DVR) programming from wherever they are, the Slingbox turns any Internet-connected laptop or desktop PC into a personal TV. The Slingbox redirects, or "placeshifts", a single live TV stream from a cable box, satellite receiver, or DVR to the viewer's PC located anywhere in the home. If the Slingbox is coupled with a broadband Internet connection, the viewer's live TV stream can be "placeshifted" via the Internet to a PC located anywhere in the world.

Going to school in Eastern Iowa and living in the Chicago Land area, I could care less about the Eastern Iowa News. I don't care too much for the Iowa Hawkyees and there really is not that much going on in Dubuque. The channels cover Iowa City, Dubuque, Cedar Rapid(the Crapids) and Waterloo, none of which I care too much about. I want to know how my Cubbies, Illini, Blackhawks and Bulls are doing. It also would be nice to know what is going on at home. For $250 and the ability to find out whats going on at home, that is not a bad price at all.


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