Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Illinois is Heating up

Interesting races are starting to heat up these days in the Illinois.

*Just from my perspective*

Judy Bar Topinka seems to be a clear front runner for the Republican Nomination. Some people that I talk to who are ardent democrates say that they would vote for Judy Bar. The most common reason for their decision is they feel that she will moderate the state. They are looking for truth and cannot seem to find it in the current system. I have always said (right or wrong), one of the best ways to win a state wide election is recieve about 1/3 of the chicago vote in conjuntion with the normal republican vote. If JBT can draw the moderate white male, moderate minority vote, and moderate to moderate liberal female vote in Chicago; she would be dipping into Gov. Blagojevich's "back yard".

Gov. Rod Blagojevich, for his parties nomination, seems to be a lock. With over $15 raised this Gov. has proved to be powerful fundraiser. The Gov also has the powerful Barack Obama in his disposal. Sen. Obama is loved by his state (for many reasons) and has some ability to influnce votes, especially the minority vote.

As been discussed with some people, the money situation is too powerful to overcome. In todays day; name recognition (no press is really bad press) and the ability to control their message (TV spots, Radio Spots, Newspaper Ads) are slowly becoming the quickest way to winning an election.


At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Jake Parrillo said...

I noticed that you didn't mention the web anywhere in discussing the 06 elections.

Do you think they will all 'sit out' the web?


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