Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Todd Walker

This situatin is starting to annoy me. During the offseason, the Cubs picked up Walker's $2.5 million contract option for this upcoming season. After picking up the option, the Cubs decied to place him on the trading block.

"Should I constantly defend myself or should I let it roll? I'm at the point now where I just want to be on this team and win and play," Walker said. "If the Chicago Cubs didn't have a chance to win, I wouldn't be as excited about being here. I believe we have a great chance if we can keep everybody healthy and out there every fifth day like the Cardinals do. This team, [the injuries] over the past couple years, it's like something I've never even heard before."

How does a team with a $100 million payroll not do anything. If you ask Jim Hendry he couldn't tell you. Dusty Baker would probably blame it on the rookies. To be fair, i blame both Hendry and Baker. Its time to move on Jim Hendry go make stupid trade after stupid trade somewhere else. With the exception of D. Lee and (going out on a limb) Matt Murton, who has this man brought in worth talking about (Prior was drafted because they did good enough to draft number 3). Todd Walker was a free agent who wanted to and still wants to play in Chicago. Walker committed only 6 errors in 110 games and would have batted over .300 and probably had more RBIs if he had the ability to. Maybe the best move Hendry ever made was to get rid of Corey Patterson, but why not do it during a season when the man has trade value. Here is to you Todd Walker for putting up with the stupidity, you are a good ball player and will continue to be a force on the Cubs lineup, or any lineup you end up on.


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