Tuesday, November 29, 2005

4th Win in a row Post

After a pretty awful start, the Minnesota Vikings are still in the process of righting their ship. While the defense from Chicago is nothing but amazing, the Vikings are not too far behind them:

And as of late, the Vikings defense has not given the opposing offenses all that much to smile about, as they have gotten more consistent pressure on the quarterback and certainly has been opportunistic. Case in point was the game against the Browns: the Vikings were able to force five turnovers and turn them into 21 points. That is the offense making the most of every opportunity the defense gave them. Week after week I give credit to Pat Williams and am the leading advocate in his Pro Bowl charge, but a couple of other Vikings defenders have kicked their games up a couple of notches recently.

Darren Sharper is now up to seven interceptions on the year and five of them have occurred in the last three games. Give him another pick or two and he should be joining Pat Williams in Honolulu. Another guy who needs to be recognized is the individual whose playing time increased the most yesterday when Kevin Williams went down: the rookie, C.J. Mosley. The sixth-round pick for the Vikings out of Missouri has thus far been a fine find. His play against the Browns was one of the best games played by a defensive lineman not named Pat for the team this year. He was able to amass seven tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble. Some of the post-draft rumblings about Mosley thought that he maybe should have stayed for his senior season with the Tigers and even Mosley himself at times admitted he thought the same, but little more could have been expected than what he was able to provide the team with yesterday.

Last Monday night, i had the opprotunity to visit Historic Lambo Field to watch the Green Bay Packers v. Minnesota Vikings. The game was amazing, 20-17, Vikings win on last second Field Goal. The game was a great test of two teams playing each other hard. The Packers had 21 yards of rushing offensive, which is simply impressively awful. The schedual looks very favorable for the vikings, the Lions are in trouble, the Jags are without Leftwich and hopefully Rex Grossman starts for the Bears. Remember what happend last year against the Vikings Mr. Grossman??


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