Saturday, December 31, 2005

Final Post of 1st Semester

While some are taking breaks, I am coming back to "The Sphere". I am sorry for leaving you all for such a long time but I was in need of some serious "George time". (I know the quotes are now offically old.) School this year is different for me than any other year. It ended with the best report card in my entire life. I recieved a 3.280 and raised my overall GPA by .2 points which is amazing for me. The good grades came with alot of sacrafice. In order to do my best at school, my swimming and personal life took a hit. My times are slower and I lost someone special. Looking back on it all, I do not know how to feel. I decided not to go train in Florida this year for swimming with the Duhawks; instead, I am trainning with my club team Maverick. This was a mistake. Unfortunatly every year there seems to be one person that does not goto FL with the team, this year, I was that person. When I head back to Loras on January 6th, it will be the beginning of the end and I have no idea how to feel.
As I look toward the end of swimming, I look foward to a new chapter in my life. I am both nervous and excited to see where life takes me.


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