Monday, November 07, 2005

Say its so Judy, Say its so

More IlGOP Governor news, but probably the best since Edgar dropped out:

State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka has told leading Republicans that she intends to run for governor, dramatically recasting the GOP's prospects for capturing an office it had held for a quarter of a century, sources familiar with the decision said Sunday.

Topinka's move ends weeks of political indecision and personal introspection as she weighed whether to seek a fourth term as treasurer, a post she would be the odds-on favorite to win, or risk a more brutal fight for the state's top job

My mother and sister, both whom are huge democrates say that they would vote for Treasurer Topinka if she were to run which is interesting considering how much both of them do not like Republicans. I've always had many interesting thoughts but none as good as this. When you input a Republican Women or minority in a mix, they would have a better time gainning the undecided/independent vote. Now through in an unpopular current governor. Out comes female democrates who originally would vote for Blagoavich, because they simply do not like republicans, who would now vote for the moderate female republican. This is useful in Chicago.


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