Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fire, Police, Metra, Drugs, Tests

A company responsible for physical exams and drug tests of 15,000 Chicago police officers, firefighters and other city workers has falsified some tests, city officials alleged Tuesday as they announced plans for thousands of re-examinations.
Hi everybody! Welcome to a new segment here at Petruck and Friends called How did they get caught? The segment will focus on news stories which seem that either the State of Illinois or the City of Chicago caught somebody ripping them off. This might not be a daily feature but it will be up as much as the stories come out. With that being said today's story comes from the Chicago Tribune:

"On a regular basis" U.S. Occupational Health Inc. and its president, Dr. Barry Fischer, created documents to make it appear that a specialist had reviewed pulmonary, cardiac and radiological tests when one had not, according to a federal court filing in the case.

On one occasion, a former employee has alleged that Fischer lost a urine sample from a firefighter candidate and used a sample provided by one of the company's medical assistants, according to the filing by FBI Special Agent Loan Bermudez.

"The health of our city employees and the safety of the public is of paramount importance to us," Ron Huberman, Daley's chief of staff, said at a news conference announcing the city is filing a civil lawsuit over the allegations. "These tests were performed for a reason: to determine whether our employees could perform their assignments without endangering their health or the health of the public."

Read the entire story, its good for the both the City and State to catch these measures. Keep up the good work!


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