Thursday, October 27, 2005

Patterson, can a fan get a trade?

Back to the important baseball news:

After a frustrating season with the Chicago Cubs in which he hit only .215, Patterson will spend this offseason revamping his hitting stroke. He got started four days after the regular season ended in the cages at HoHoKam Park. It could save his career.

"It's nobody's fault. I did it," Patterson said in an interview in Mesa, Ariz., where he was watching his brother, Eric, play in the Arizona Fall League. "Sometimes you have to make things simple and get back to basic stuff."

I don't like Corey Patterson very much. But he has the unfortunate Sammy Sosa disease. Patterson has no discipline and no desire to learn. He wants to hit home runs, but really cannot. He is very fast and can sometimes get a good jump off pitchers. For some unknown reason, we only see this for about 2 weeks out of the season. His speed should also make a him a valuable fielder. He is not. Balls drop in front of him all the time or the balls bounce by him. The Cubs of course cannot trade him because they are stupid. They drop him to triple A when they should be unloading him.


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