Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cigs in Madison

My guess was kinda right:

At Ole-N-Rick's Northside Inn, a blue-collar tap in Madison, Wis., sales have fallen about 50 percent since a citywide smoking ban took effect July 1.

The owners of the shot-and-a-beer spot, two retired firefighters, have cut staff hours and beer prices, and they are thinking of throwing in the towel.

We've lost all those third-shift guys who used to come in," said Terry Olson, co-owner of the 16-year-old bar and grill. Now, workers from a local bindery and a food plant are driving to taverns in a nearby village where smoking is allowed.

I heard from certain people that this would not happen. Well, it is happening. Now think about the small resturants around Illinois. This is what happens when big government oversteps their bounds.


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