Thursday, November 03, 2005

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The first time I ever heard the word blog came from my older sister Erin. Erin had just graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a degree in Political Science and was annoying my mom. Her best friend helped her out. She was working as an intern for the House Republican Organization and every morning she got to work (at least for a little while) there was this random guy raving about the blogosphere and how great blogs are. She sent me an instant message one day telling me to check out this web address. The address was She One day while I was home from school during thanksgiving break I asked her if i could go with her to work and help her out for a day. This was the first "Blog" that i ever read on a regular basis. I thought the author who I only knew as Chris Rhodes. I finally met the crazy one, his name was Jake Parrillo. I wish i could remeber the first thing he ever said to me, but i'm almost positive that it had something to do with blogs. I told him that liked the blog and asked where Chirs Rhodes was. I was informed that Rhodes left for the day.(Yeah, go figure. He lied right to my face the first time i met him) was interesting. To be honest, Rhodes seemed like a stalker. I always wondered what would happen if Rhodes met Wilco. (Now that I know who he is, i know what happen) While not the same blog that is, the cast of characters remains the same. Lance Stevens, always good at making fun of this lowly cubs fan. Marc Camp, where has he gone. and Chris Rhodes, he is gone now, started using his real name. I learned alot from that blog and hope that it continues to be there.

The Web Address is Visit it often!


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