Wednesday, September 07, 2005

CoCo Annan

News form the United Nations earlier today regarding the final report on the Oil for Food Program:

The highly critical report by an independent panel was delivered to the UN Security Council on Wednesday. It finds instances of "illicit, unethical and corrupt" behaviour during the $64bn scheme, and blames the secretary general for mismanagement. The inquiry concludes that the UN is in urgent need of sweeping reform.

"Lets work out the problem. Lets not Make it worse by guessing"- Gene Kranz. Maybe we should listen to the man behind Apollo 11 and 13 (some others of course). I know his comments were not directed at the United Nations but was a pretty good line. It underlines the importance of knowing exactly what to do. I am affraid that certain people are going to jump to major conclusions that might not be the best for the nation or the world.


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