Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Edgar the Guv?

As I have stated before, The Author of This Blog (George) is not endorsing any candidate for Gov. yet. While there is alot of speculation about Jim Edger running/not running we need to look at the positives its had for the party:

1. First of all it divirts much attention away from the George Ryan Trial, which just happens to start so close to a gubinatorial election, it also puts some hope into the party. Jake P. (Chris Rhodes) is making some serious head waves but there is still much to be done.

2. The good old honest Guv is making news again. During Edgar's time in office, sure there were scandles, but none as big as Liscense for Bribe or anyone named Tony Resko. The party took a punch in the eye and still has not fully recovered.

Who ever ends up running will be good for the party. The "front runners" seem to be good honest people, hopefully that stays true.


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