Thursday, September 08, 2005


All the Astrology is rather interesting?

Capricornians...They are reserved and introverted, but sometimes they live sudden moments of impulsiveness. Their main characteristics are shyness and insecurity which disappear when they realize of being loved and appreciated. Suited jobs are: politician, entrepreneur, insurer, estate agent, banking employee. In love, Capricornians are serious, constant and faithful, but not too effusive.

There are a bunch of famous Capricorns. Howard Stern, Muhammad Ali, Al Capone, Aristotle, and of course Jesus. Some people laugh at the people who make these things, but yet people continue to spend money in this area. When I read these pages I take the content with a grain of salt but yet feel very conected. It gives me a connection and kinda helps me get to know myself better by asking myself "is that really me?"


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