Thursday, September 08, 2005

Get out my Face!

On the College Campus, computers are life savers. They can help with everything from downloading a paper to checking up on friends. Looks like AIM finally has serious competition for control over the social aspect of the net:

Facebook supports 882 colleges today - there are about 2,000 in the U.S. if you count community colleges. Their goal is to support all of these over time.

The penetration rate is staggering - about 85% of students in supported colleges have a profile up on FaceBook. That’s 3.85 million members. Chris [Hughs, tech member of face book] tells [Tech Crunch] that 60% log in daily. About 85% log in at least once a week, and 93% log in at least once a month.

Thats alot of Hooch. The market share is leaving AOL in a hurry. Back in the day [when i was in grade school] you have Chinet, AOL, Prodigy or Compuserve. Thanks to broadband, free mail services, and the costs of the communities the for old the style Internet Community (AOL and Prodigy) no longer control the web.


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