Friday, August 12, 2005

Wild Card Chat

Alright as of 8/12/05 at 1:30 the Cubs are 7.5 games behind the Wild Card leading Houston Astros. Which is not the 18 games behind the NL Central leading but it is still catchable. But if the Cubs do win the wild card, they have a little bit of recent history on their side...

What the Wild Card turns out to be really ideal for, of course, are teams such as Anaheim, 2002; Florida, 2003; and Boston, 2004, who don't start particularly well, but eventually turn it around in the second half, qualify for the postseason and emerge playing October's best baseball. All of these teams richly deserved their championships, Wild Card or not.

While the Wild Card is a great thing for the TV of baseball and the marketing of baseball but there are some people who do not like the Wild Card. I am not one of them, In 1998 during the Sosa-MaGwire steriod home run fest, the Cubs won the wild card after beating San Fransico in a one game playoff. It was very exciting for the people around here and sometimes whats good for the fans is not always the best for the sport.


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