Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This past weekend spent sometime in Coloma, MI for a film Festival. The Festival was quite exciting and the movies consisted of an episode of Saturday Night Live. During the time on the water there was discussion about a perticular character on the famous Sesame Street. The comment made was that Snuffy was invisible. The rest of the crew on the S.S. Dorthy 2 was shocked, well Jake was right.

Snuffy is literally one of the biggest characters on Sesame Street,
yet often the one who receives the smallest amount of attention! In
fact, for his first 14 years on the show Snuffy was invisible to
almost everyone! Only Big Bird could see the super-sized guy, and he
tried his best from 1971 to 1985 to convince friends and neighbors
that Snuffy really did exist. Unfortunately, no one believed him--but
why would they? They never saw Snuffy! Finally, in an unforgettable
moment in 1985, the people and Muppets in the neighborhood met the
wonderfully wooly fella!

Well, Sorry Jake about that.


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