Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DuPage County

Lets start the run down for today's primary election:

Gida, gida, gida - can i get a vote- witz

My logic is as follows, Topkina and company are too powerful for Oberwise to over come, the race will be tight but not as tight as Obiwerise thinks. Around the state of Illinois people, the people vote differently in different regions for different reasons. Everyone in Chicago votes Democratic because odds are they either have a friend who works for the state, they don't republicans, or they have family member who works for the state, and teh only way they can keep their job is to vote democratic. I live(when I am not at school in Dubuque, IA) in Naperville. Naperville is split into DuPage and Will counties, I live in the Dupage section. The people whom i have talked to do not like Oberwise. In fact, they had become annoyed with his antics. These people range from, very well educated to college degrees/some college and are interested in politics more than average. They know when mail pieces come out for the sole purpose to attack not inform. They see when television spots are not to serve any other purpose than attack(Thats why they do not like Can't Gida Vote as well). Name recognition and issue content are the keys to the Naperville voter. Napervillians want to be engaged in their politics, they also do not like unsure bets. Nobody knows who Can't Gida Vote is and nobody knows where the man is coming from.
Oberwise has so much money that he will not be denied the second place, although if Brady had the money that Oberwise had, Brady and Topinka would be duking it out in a close one. Brady has much support in other areas of the state and for good reason. Topkina is more moderate and in primary situations the voters who turn up are closer to strict party values and ideals. Brady= more conservatice, Topkina= a lot more money and much more name recognition. Most pundits are forgetting the fact this women has won at least one statewide election in her life.
It is going to be a fun night, and hopefully whoever the winner is (please be Topkina so I don't look like an idiot tomorrow) I hope the party accepts the winner and we can work together to bring down the brush.

Best of luck to all candidates in other races, Good luck especially to Boyd.


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