Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Its Wayne's World, Wayne's World, Party Time

SNL needs Serious Medical Attention:

"Saturday Night Live" comedian-writer Tina Fey has given birth to her first child.

Fey, co-anchor of Weekend Update, the fake news desk of "SNL," gave birth Saturday in New York to a daughter, Alice Richmond, an NBC spokesman said Monday.

Great 31 year run, but maybe time has run out on this tradition. In my mind, ever since the introduction of Will Ferrell, SNL was doomed. When Will came on to SNL he created the ultimate conclusion. His ability to control the set and the stage was amazing. You could not take your eye off him. That is a problem for me because when i was growing up, everyone was team player. There were not just Mike Meyers sketches, except for Wayne's World instead everyone had just about a fair share of the screen. Tina Fey is hysterical and I look foward to weekend updates, but without her, i don't know how much longer people can watch this show?


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