Monday, September 12, 2005

Where the Party At?

It looks as though the people of Cicero are partying too much:

Beyond debate is that the number of block parties in Cicero has risen dramatically in recent years. According to town records, there were 16 block parties in 2000, followed in successive summers by 36, 39, 40 and 43 parties.

This year, the growing trend continued, with 55 permits issued between Memorial Day and Labor Day, meaning that a typical weekend had four block parties throughout Cicero. By ordinance, the most block parties allowed on a single day is four, and no block can have more than one per year.

In order to receive a permit, organizers must submit a $100 refundable deposit and collect signatures from at least 75 percent of the property owners or residents in the designated area.

But they don't seem to mind people extorting money. Next thing you know people are going to be flushing their toilets too many times. This really isn't one of those issues that people needs to worry about so much especially in that area. There are other issues and concerns, Gangs, Drugs, just to name a few, that actually need the attention of the outside.


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