Monday, August 29, 2005

Middle Fingers work also

An older technology finally comes to the new age. Biometrics is coming alive inpart thanks to IBM but other companies seem to be grasping the idea for their uses...

Atmel introduced the FingerGear, a flash memory drive that has a fingerprint sensor to protect the stored data. Swiping your finger across the sensor authenticates you as an authorized user and permits access to the sensitive information stored on the FingerGear.

I believe that this is a great idea. The only problem I see with this is complatency. Eventually every piece of electronics which stores data of any type will have this technology. When ever there is a new market created there is always a black market created with it. People will be looking for ways to hack and crack them and even rip off the technology. Most people will be so happy that their computer and data are perfectly safe that other areas will slip. Please, continue to use caution anywhere on the web.


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