Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Drafting EMoney

A little while ago (Last year), i was quietly doing my work and I heard a loud scream.
"Petruck, I've Got IT!!" yelled Jake. I gave him the idiot eyes and asked what he was talking about. "We are going to Draft Ditka!" For the rest of the day Jake went around the office telling me that the revolution would not be television in reference to This Book. The next day a web page popped up. (No Longer exisits) Now from a different Source comes this: (Note: this is not a Rhodes School Production)

Who Are We?
We are a group of committed Republicans in Illinois who believe that Jim Edgar is our best chance of regaining the Governor's office. Together, we are volunteering our time -- encouraging Jim Edgar to run for Govenor and save Illinois from corruption and fiscal ruin!

Alrighty, I'm going to give this page a plug. Once again, I am not offically endorsing Gov. Edgar in any way. I just like to see that the Repubs are doing something productive instead of destructive.


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