Monday, July 18, 2005

Depp Trouble

Has Johnny Depp become the most sought actor? With the exception of the Old School, Anchorman Comedy group (Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn) who in my personal opinoin own the world, Depp and his movies are quietly selling more and more tickets. While his earlier movies are well known, after the release of Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp has earned One Academy Award Nomination (for his role as Capt. Jack Sparrow) and a choice of roles that have turned him into one of the most sought after actors in the industry.
On Sunday Night I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was amazing. Johnny Depp was the perfect role for Wonka. Gene Wilder is a comic legend will be remembered for his original performace but it is safe to say the two Wonka's are uncomparable but i will try to do compare the roles here: Gene Wilder is an icon in the comedy industry, starring opposite of the great Richard Pryor on many occaisions and teaming up with the legendary Mel Brooks. Wilder was able to sing songs and dance; Depp's ability to control his presence fit Tim Burton's vision perfectly. Before the formal introduction of Willy Wonka, Depp was able to hold everything back and allow his conflict to take center stage.


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